$73.75 Possibly discontinued.
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Trick by Steve Cook ($73.75)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
ID - magic

This thought-of card in envelope effect is so quick and deadly, that it's bound to be your new opener!

In ID, you show a red envelope inside your wallet. Then you take your spectator through a mental journey to create a playing card. Once done, you remove the envelope and show that the only card inside matches the thought-of card! However, that's just one presentation. You can customize the routine to any number of scenarios: prediction, mind reading, spectator reads mind, etc.

ID comes complete and ready to go with

  • Full training DVD (including additional routine ideas)
  • High-grade genuine leather wallet
  • Custom-made, gorgeous red Tyvek envelopes
  • Custom Rider-Backed Bicycle Cards printed by the USPCC
Whether you use it for close-up, parlor or stage, this is a versatile and powerful piece of magic. Order yours now and start frying your spectators!
"TOTALLY fooled me. Steve has nailed the 'thought-of-card in envelope' plot. I can't wait to use it!"Liam Montier

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Customer reviews for ID



First and foremost, I absolutely “Love” this effect!

The whole ‘process’ and routine of “ID”, including the manner of the reveal, is so extremely clean.
The ‘flow’ of the effect, from start to finish, is sincerely very smooth and easy, for both the audience and the performer.

In the simplest terms, everything about “ID” creates one of those truly beautiful and astounding pieces of magic and/or mentalism, making it an absolute pleasure to perform, every single time!

I’ve been performing this regularly since receiving it in the mail, in numerous situations, with some settings inclusive of the ‘usual’ intoxicated audience members (which performing at social gatherings and parties does bring with it!) …. Yet, the simplicity and focus of the plot and method allows this effect to ‘strongly hold’ the gaze and indeed the concentration of any audience it is performed for perfectly, every single time …... Leaving the spectator and the audience with an extremely strong “What the…???” ‘moment in time’ to remember you by.
A definite reputation maker, and reputation keeper, most assuredly!

If you are familiar with Steve Cook’s other recent effects, such as “Symbol”, “Volition”, “Die Abolical V2” and “The Stealth Case”.…. You would most definitely be aware of Steve’s original and “out of the square” style of thinking, when it comes to method and his very ingenious level of subtle creativity….

So, what else can be described, to give the best overview of “ID”.…?

It is direct, straight forward, and allows you to concentrate fully on the whole performance of this effect. Perfect for stage or parlour… And even more perfect for Close-Up and Walk-Around situations, since no two performances will lead to the same outcome, unless two different spectators end up choosing the exact same card!

No matter the card chosen by the spectator, what the spectator and audience sees is just the same as within the trailer by Alakazam Magic, with the red envelope able to be casually taken out of the wallet once you are into the routine, even while the selection process is still going on!

You can cleanly, without any focus on the envelope whatsoever, casually pull out the card from the envelope, as you are talking, to begin the reveal phase. The beauty also is that the card is brought out with the back facing the audience… So, you can put the envelope away if you wish, and have this moment, and this “framing” as the start of your “reveal” phase.

After the reveal, the reset could not be simpler as it is indeed instant, so you are automatically ready for your next performance for the evening!

Due to its sheer brilliance, ease of use, and ingenuousness, I am definitely loving “ID” by Steve Cook! Well Done Sir!