Magic by Keith Fields

Magic to some is a hobby, to others a career. For Keith Fields it’s always been a passion. For over 30 years he has been performing, writing, inventing and sharing his passion with lay audiences and magicians worldwide.

He started his performing career in London England as a children’s entertainer and became a writer for one of the UK’s top children’s theater companies. And, not to anyone’s surprise, was one of the show’s stars. One of his shows, after touring for 12 months was produced in the Mermaid Theater in the west end of London. Simultaneously, he was working as a street entertainer in Covent Garden, London and was awarded the honor of International Street Entertainer of the year. In 2009 he moved to the USA after qualifying for a work visa as "an alien with extraordinary ability." Keith can be seen every summer in his own show, which is playing to rave reviews in Gatlinburg, Tennessee called "A Brit of Magic."

He has lectured at clubs and magic conventions in both North America and Europe and has written several books on magic and performance techniques. His creations for the magic community are highly original and his routines are always well thought out. If you have an opportunity to see him live, you can count on laughing out loud at one of the funniest magicians ever from England.

If Ever A Wiz There Was 2 Book
If Ever A Wiz There Was 2
Book by Keith Fields - $35.00

When a successful, professional family entertainer shares his creative process in a book with actual scripts, hints and tips for his never-before released routines -- routines that are part of his children’s show -- the entire magician industry takes notice. Perhaps that’s why Keith...

Running The Numbers Trick
Running The Numbers
Trick by Keith Fields - $50.00

A wonderful tool for the mind reader, you will wonder how you managed without it! One example of the many possible routines with this book...A volunteer is asked to stop you at a random page as you flick through the book. They then look at the page number and remember it. This is repeated with 2...

Magic Marker Trick
Magic Marker
Trick by Keith Fields - $35.00

Probably the best magic gag since the Funkenring!A genuine sharpie marker turns into a cane in the blink of an eye - but the effect on the audience is quite amazing! They will jump out of their skin, look amazed, or fall into a fit of giggles!This cool effect brings the appearing cane bang up to...