Magic by Ken Driscoll

Anywhere Bill 2 Trick
Anywhere Bill 2
Trick by Ken Driscoll - $12.50

In the works since the release of Anywhere Bill 1, Ken Driscoll recently found his old notes from the original Anywhere Bill and was able to give you more information than before, anywhere Bill 2 picks up where the original left off, Ken provides performance ideas, Bill in Playing card... Bill in...

Mark My Words Book
Mark My Words
Book by Ken Driscoll - $25.00

A complete booklet of codes, marking systems, effects, and ideas using, business cards, clipboards, paper bags, envelopes, playing cards, rubber bands, and much much more. Bonus Ideas: -MarKEN your bicycle deck in style: A fantastic card marking system that you can use immediately. -Write-write: An...

Dusheck's Force Fields Trick
Dusheck's Force Fields
Trick by Ken Driscoll - $10.00

Steve Dusheck has created two spelling forces based on the one to six force used in Hot Rod and other effects. Night on the Town tells about a wealthy playboy who dates a beautiful woman each night of the week and gives her a different jewel every night. You spell to the of the week selected by the...

Inside and Opposite Corner Deck book Ken Driscoll Accessory
Inside and Opposite Corner Deck book Ken Driscoll
Accessory by Ken Driscoll - $11.25

This trick booklet not only explains both the Inside and Opposite Corner Decks in great detail, but it gives many great effects that can be done with either deck, Ken also provides us with his Double-Double Peek, a peek that can be done with any deck of cards or stack of index/business...

Flight Plan & Clues Trick
Flight Plan & Clues
Trick by Ken Driscoll - $24.50

This trick is actually two mentalist effects in one! The set includes, two classic effects revisited and improved...Flight Plan, and Clues. Flight Plan:This is a mental mystery that is entertaining, uses lots of audience participation and should appeal to those who seek the unusual in their...