Magic by Kevin Parker

Genie Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Kevin Parker - $8.50

Imagine that you can enchant a bottle - whether your own or a spectator's - which summons a genie inside it which then moves the bottle around on the table once you uncover the mouth of the bottle to stir him up. You clearly are not touching the bottle or coming in contact with it and the way...

KOUNTED Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Kevin Parker - $8.50

This card divination is so impossible it looks like you have actual psychic powers! Welcome to KOUNTED!Not only can you determine the number of cards cut off a deck by you or a spectator by feel alone, but you can even predict a card at a certain position in the deck - after it has been shuffled!...

Descent DVD
DVD by Kevin Parker - $30.00

This is a visual coin-through-glass that does not require magnets, wires, strings, threads, special coins, or special tables.The magician borrows a coin, drops it in the middle of the table, and pushes it through, the coin visibly landing in his empty hand underneath the table. The coin can even be...

Passing Thru DVD
Passing Thru
DVD by Kevin Parker - $25.00

This instructional video teaches you how to visually push a real coin through the bottom of a real glass bottle, leaving it inside. They watch it melt through the bottle's bottom, leaving your hand and falling into the bottle. They don't see it just 'appear' in the bottle, they watch it melt...

Junction DVD
DVD by Kevin Parker - $25.00

BORROW A SET OF KEYS, hold them in full view, and magically bend ONE OF THEIR KEYS! There's no key bend like this. Created by Kevin Parker, it will have you asking for keys left and right. And there seriously is NO FUNNY MOVES involved. The keys are retrieved and held in full view IMMEDIATELY. Then...