Magic by Limin

Zero Set Trick
Zero Set
Trick by Limin - $19.95 $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

Take your audience member's card-signed, if you want!- and make it magically appear inside this clear plastic ID holder. This trick is both simple to perform and stunning to behold! This product has been in development for over three years, undergoing many series of improvements, and is...

LOOK Trick
Trick by Limin - $19.95 $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

This subtle effect, ideal for intimate performances is unusual yet charming at the same time. Using 'googly eyes',  you are able to seemingly bring a static object to life! For those who feel that their card magic repertoire is becoming too monotone, this could be a perfect addition to your...

DVD by Limin - $28.00 $21.28 (SAVE $6.72)

Limin is the most creative magic artist and the best effect designer in Taiwan. For the first time Limin shares his particular ideas to you. In this DVD, you will lean 5 visual effects, and every DVD comes with all props you need. You will learn: Mix Two cards, one...