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Counterfeit (packet trick) Trick
Counterfeit (packet trick)
Trick by MagicWorld - $24.95 NOW $12.47 (SAVE $12.48)

Counterfeit is a handling of a packet trick from the mind of Stephen Tucker (used with kind permission), with an adapted presentation by Daniel Meadows. 6 cards are displayed bearing the pictures of some odd sounding DVD titles. The spectator chooses a DVD for themselves before...

Hard 8 Trick
Hard 8
Trick by MagicWorld - $24.99 NOW $18.99 (SAVE $6.00)

The perform removes two regular dice and explains that he has become somewhat of a gambling expert. The performer shakes the two dice, rolls them, and after they have audience that he controlled the roll to precisely those numbers. The audience remains in doubt as the performer called the roll...

Equilibrium Trick
Trick by MagicWorld - $24.95

Just by touching your participants hand, you make it seem as if you can become exactly in tune with them. With Equilibrium, Daniel Meadows has built on the work of Al Koran & Dave Arch to update an old principle with a new twist in order to produce an effect of contact mind-reading....