Magic by Magical Sleight

Yoann Fontyn   Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Yoann Fontyn
Magic download (video) by Magical Sleight - 12.00

Yoann Fontyn is a French magician with some of the best chops we’ve ever seen. He came to The Session last year and blew everyone away. ...

Modern Intricacies DVD
Modern Intricacies
DVD by Magical Sleight - 30.00

Yoann Fontyn's new DVD featuring 15 tricks and routines that he devised over the years. A unique take on modern card-magic: some could call these...

Magical Sleight Season 1 Video
Magical Sleight Season 1
Video by Magical Sleight - 69.95

This year the absolute BEST thing we picked up at The Session was MAGICAL SLEIGHT: SEASON 1. But when we learned it wasn't available through any...

Magical Sleight Season 2 DVD
Magical Sleight Season 2
DVD by Magical Sleight - 39.95

Every year our friends at Magical Sleight compile all of their releases from that year into one project. Magical Sleight Season 2 contains twenty...

Modern Intricacies 2 DVD
Modern Intricacies 2
DVD by Magical Sleight - 29.95

Yoann is back! 3 years after Modern Intricacies, Yoann is ready to share a new collection of his highly sought after tricks. In this DVD you will...

Disk DVD & props
DVD & props by Magical Sleight - 65.00

Straight from Paris, we bring you a new Vanishing Inc. exclusive! DISK is a magical interpretation of a three-card monte-esque game played on the...

MS Magic Night 2014 DVD
MS Magic Night 2014
DVD by Magical Sleight - 27.50

The Magical Sleight put together an event that lasted from 8pm to 8am in Paris this January. This DVD gives you a glimpse into the performers and...