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Magic by Marko

Linking Ropes Trick
Linking Ropes
Trick by Marko - $25.00

Same magic as the Chinese Linking Rings, just as fascinating, but much lighter! Linking Ropes includes rope and Online instructions to perform an incredible Marko routine. Just imagine the classic Chinese Linking rings, but with ropes!!! Tie three pieces of rope at their ends, and...

My Professional Routine with Ropes DVD
My Professional Routine with Ropes
DVD by Bazar De Magia and Marko - $18.00

Magic is in the simple things. And very talented Marko knows this the best! Are you ready to present a whole magic show with just a piece of rope? My Professional Routine with Ropes by Marko (DVD), will allow you to do that and much more! The routine presented in this DVD...