Magic by Mathieu Bich

Tiny Plunger DVD
Tiny Plunger
DVD by Jon Armstrong, Garrett Thomas and Mathieu Bich - 30.00

What do you get when three of magic's most innovative creators put their heads together? Tiny Plunger! This unsuspecting little prop...

Tenyo 2021 - The Blur Trick
Tenyo 2021 - The Blur
Trick by Garrett Thomas, Mathieu Bich and Tenyo Magic - 15.00

Teaming up with the talented Mathieu Bich and Garrett Thomas, Tenyo Magic is thrilled to introduce The Blur as part of their 2021 line of magic...

Chaos Trick
Trick by Mathieu Bich - 29.95

A deck of cards is freely shown in random order - then somehow reshapes itself into perfect, new-deck order. However you think it works - you’re...

Balance (Coin Set) Trick
Balance (Coin Set)
Trick by Mathieu Bich and Benoit Campana - 45.00

Balance is a one-of-a-kind coin magic set which offers new approaches and principles for transpositions, transformations and which hand routines....

LightPaint Trick
Trick by Mathieu Bich - 34.95

What if you could reveal the selected card with a borrowed cellphone? With just a picture or a video, you will be able to reveal the spectator's...

Shadow Art Trick
Shadow Art
Trick by Mathieu Bich - 49.95

Visually transform the shape of a shadow with Shadow Art! This innovative effect from Mathieu Bich uses a specially-crafted prop to create one of...

Poor Man's Casino Trick
Poor Man's Casino
Trick by Mathieu Bich - 34.00

At its core, this is an exceptionally intriguing (and very easy) force of a card. The force is structured around a basic effect, but we urge you...

Spreadwave 2.0 Trick
Spreadwave 2.0
Trick by Mathieu Bich - 40.00

Wow! We haven’t been so badly fooled since we saw Holy Blank! And it's not just us. This is the SAME trick that Matthieu used to fool Penn &...

Nomad Pad 2.0 Trick
Nomad Pad 2.0
Trick by Mathieu Bich - 120.00

Four years after the successful launch of Nomad Pad... Presenting the next generation. We have worked with Nikola since the Nomad Pad was brought to...

Mathieu Bich DVD
Mathieu Bich
DVD by Mathieu Bich - 35.00

What People Are Saying: "Mathieu is one of France's greatest treasures. When I visited Paris I was fortunate to witness Mathieu's brilliance. He...

Hungry? DVD
DVD by Mathieu Bich - 29.00

Would you like to become more creative and invent tricks using your own methods?The simplicity of the sandwich effect is precisely what makes it the...

The Deck Spinner Accessory
The Deck Spinner
Accessory by Mathieu Bich - 19.95

Instantly transform a deck of cards into a mesmerizing fidget spinner. "Mathieu's Deck Spinner is so much fun that l've stopped doing actual...

The Newsletter Tricks Book
The Newsletter Tricks
Book by Mathieu Bich - 85.00

This Collector's Edtion is signed and numbered (out of 200) by Mathiew Bich and includes prepared gimmicks for all 10 tricks and the 5 bonus...