Balance (Coin Set)

Trick by Mathieu Bich and Benoit Campana
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Balance (Coin Set)

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Trick by Mathieu Bich and Benoit Campana (45.00)

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Balance (Coin Set) - magic
Balance (Coin Set) Balance (Coin Set) Balance (Coin Set) Balance (Coin Set) Balance (Coin Set)

Balance is a one-of-a-kind coin magic set which offers new approaches and principles for transpositions, transformations and which hand routines.

Several routines are included with the "Balance" coin set from Benoit Campana and Mathieu Bich. Fast and simple transpositions and other multiphase routines. Each phase can be performed independently or linked together into a stunning coin magic act.

The beautiful main routine is built around three powerful phases.

Phase 1: Instant Transposition
The spectator freely choses one of the two coins and places it on the table. Then, the coin you're holding visibly changes places with the one on the table. When the participant looks at the coin on the table, it transforms again. Both coins can immediately be examined by the spectator!

Phase 2: Pocket Transposition
The magician holds one coin their hand and puts the other in their pocket. Both coins change places impossibly.

Phase 3: In The Spectator's Hand Transposition
You put one of the two coins in the spectator's hand and keep one for yourself. Then, with a magical gesture, your coin travels into their hand and the coin they held travels into your pocket. Both coins can be inspected.

BONUS: Which Hand Routine
You'll also learn a Which Hand routine that is only possible with the special "Balance" coin set. Great for close up magic and stage and parlor magic.


  • Custom-made premium coins (1 gimmicked and 2 ungimmicked
  • Coins are examinable before and after the routine (and sometimes even in the middle)
  • Numerous applications
  • Full tutorial

Available in gold or silver.

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Customer reviews for Balance (Coin Set)



After receiving the set and watching the video, I have to conclude that this was a really good decision.
I’ve found the effect and tutorial right on.
The set is beautiful and very versatile.
One could easily say that the effect can also be performed with copper and silver coins.
You’ll have to purchase the effect to figure out why.
It’s really worth it.
Do it!

VI Monthly


One of the very first tricks I bought, learned and abused was the old color deception chips. This is NOT the same gimmick but I'd say it is similar in concept. What you lose in being able to show four different color you make up for the creativity and flexibility that you gain with this gimmick to build a multi-phase routine that just keeps your spectators trying to figure out where each color is at. You can build a super modular routine and then just come in an out of phases as you see needed.

Pros: the gimmick is TOP quality. I was expecting a much cheaper set of "coins" but this just feel great. They are slightly smaller than an American dollar coin, they have a great wait to it and a nice milled edge that makes gripping and manipulating the coins very easy, even with dry hands

Cons: the video instruction and production quality are NOT in par with the quality of the coins and that's just too bad. At times it's hard to keep up with the instruction and the camera angles are not ideal to see the nuance of the handling and sometimes it's hard to see which coin they are using and if it's right side up or not. Yet, the instruction is good enough to get the basic handling down. From there just play with the coins to come up with your own routine.

I'm happy with the purchase and if you are willing to spend the time I think you'd be happy too and you'll start carrying these coins everywhere with you!


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