Magic by Max Vellucci

Master Color Prediction Trick
Master Color Prediction
Trick by Max Vellucci - $35.00

Five spectators are asked come up on stage and each of them takes an envelope at random. After a introduction about the possibility of being able to influence the choices and behavior of human beings, the mentalist asks the spectators on stage to position themselves in a seemingly...

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Dictionary Test DVD
Dictionary Test
DVD by Max Vellucci - $35.00

The mentalist asks any two spectators to select two words at random from any type of dictionary. The first spectator is asked to write down three possible words only related to the their chosen word, not the actual word. Instead, the second spectator is asked to write down five random words, one of...

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The Family Trick
The Family
Trick by Max Vellucci - $25.00

Five pictures of a nineteenth-century family that will allow you to create different effects of extraordinary and bizarre mentalism. Find the Dead The mentalist takes three photos and mentally chooses for the spectator. After a few steps the mentalist will be able to identify the...

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Memo Mind Trick
Memo Mind
Trick by Max Vellucci - $45.00

It is often discussed whether a mentalist should or should not use the classic deck of playing cards. This deck of cards is in fact often combined with the magician and not always well suited to the needs of a modern mentalist. There are also decks dedicated to mentalists (such as the deck of Zener...

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Mind Bag Net Accessory
Mind Bag Net
Accessory by Max Vellucci - $74.75

The Mag-Netic Bag is the first net force bag with a magnetic closure. It is an extremely stylish and versatile instrument, allowing you to perform extraordinary mind tricks in a clean and effective way. The convenient magnetic closure will allow you to hide the secret compartment to...

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Zodiax Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Max Vellucci - $13.90

The mentalist asks the spectator to think of their zodiac sign or the sign of a person with whom he has a special connection. The mentalist then takes a card which shows a "medallion" showing all the signs of the zodiac and asks the spectator to focus on the sign he is thinking, but not to...

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