Magic by Michael Afshin

Original Dream Fly DVD
Original Dream Fly
DVD by Michael Afshin - 12.35

Original Dream Fly - If a magician walked up to you and made three coins appear at his fingertips. What would it look like? It would...

Trick by Michael Afshin - 139.95

FLIGHT is a full coin routine that combines Matrix and 3 Fly in to a full routine that is ideal for most performing situations. You can perform...

International Dream Fly DVD
International Dream Fly
DVD by Michael Afshin - 37.95

A Startling New Professional Coin Routine INTERNATIONAL DREAM FLY - is an entirely new and absolutely incredible routine by underground...

Menage A 3 Trick
Menage A 3
Trick by Roy Kueppers and Michael Afshin - 250.00

Menage A 3With routines from Michael Afshin and gaffed coins from Roy Keuppers, you know you’re going to get quality. And quality is exactly what you...