Magic by Michael Lair

At The Table - May 2018 Live lecture
At The Table - May 2018
Live lecture by Losander and Michael Lair - $9.95

With performances across Europe, Asia, the US, and Australia, it's safe to say Losander is a World-Renowned Magician that has been captivating audiences for years. Known for enthralling even the most skeptical, Losander's magic is sure to inspire and delight! Using simple tools, you will learn...

Michael Lair Live Lecture Live lecture
Michael Lair Live Lecture
Live lecture by Michael Lair - $7.95
Already aired. Download the lecture now!

With over 3 decades of performances and creation under his belt, it's no surprise that Michael Lair is a skilled lecturer and magic innovator. First place winner of IBM's 2009 Originality Contest, Michael brings some of his best secrets and most requested tricks to the table. You will learn...

All Access DVD
All Access
DVD by Michael Lair - $20.00

The All Access DVD shows 18 of Michael P. Lair's top-selling effects performed. You will see performance only of: Animated Origami Bill, Beach Memories, Big Coins!, Candle Rewind, Cane Fire, Chinese Appearing Sword, Chinese Fan, Chinese Lucky Envelope, Cool Coil, Fanfire, Firefall, Fire Flower/Rose...

Animated Origami Bill trick Lair Trick
Animated Origami Bill trick Lair
Trick by Michael Lair - $15.00

EFFECT: After discussing today`s economic inflation, a dollar bill is borrowed and "inflated", transforming the bill into an Origami balloon! The balloon bill then rolls mysteriously across both arms, and is returned to the spectator, who will stay up most of the night wondering how you inflated...

Appearing Sword  - Lair Trick
Appearing Sword - Lair
Trick by Michael Lair - $45.00

This beautiful chrome plated metal sword measures 36 inches open, but collapses to a mere 10 inches in length. Produce this sword anytime easily during your routine. The audience loves it!

Beach Memories Trick
Beach Memories
Trick by Michael Lair - $15.00

A beach ball magically animates in your hands!

Chinese Lucky Envelope trick Michael Lair Trick
Chinese Lucky Envelope trick Michael Lair
Trick by Michael Lair - $15.00

A Chinese envelope is handed to a spectator for good luck. The magician has the spectator pick a card from the deck. When looking through the deck, it becomes obvious- the card has disappeared! To the spectator's amazement, the card they chose is in the lucky envelope! Includes everything you need...

Misfortune Fish Trick
Misfortune Fish
Trick by Michael Lair - $12.00

This cute 3.5 inch red fish will curl and tell someone's fortune whenever you wish, but will remain motionless in someone else's hand! You control it. The comedy possibilities of Misfortune Fish are endless!

Candles! DVD or download
DVD or download by Michael Lair - $30.00

The creator of Fantasio candle effects Spitfire, Firefall, and Candle Rewind gives you the following exciting routines on this tape: Candle Basics - A description of the appearing and vanishing candles is given and basics on how to use them. Firefall - A lit candle vanishes...

Fan Fire Trick
Fan Fire
Trick by Michael Lair - $25.00

 Flashy and Exciting Production! EFFECT: A flame appears at your fingertips. To everyone's surprise, a beautiful 24 inch Chinese fan magically appears in its place! This incredible effect is perfect for close up or stage!

Candles book Michael Lair Book
Candles book Michael Lair
Book by Michael Lair - $15.00

This 48 page booklet is loaded with illustrations and covers the following:Vanish:FirefallFlashspinTripleStrippedCane FireAppear:SpitfireFlashoverFlower Power

Fire Flower/Rose Coil trick Trick
Fire Flower/Rose Coil trick
Trick by Michael Lair - $20.00

EffectFire Changes Into A Red Rose, Which Then Rewinds Into A 36" Reuseable Red Ribbon! A flame in your hand magically changes into a beautiful red rose. With a wave of your hand, the rose transforms into a 36" red coil that cascades from your hand. Fire Flower is an excellent 3-minute showstopper...

Candle to Fan Trick
Candle to Fan
Trick by Michael Lair - $25.00

EffectCandle to Fan is the latest creation from Michael P. Lair. Light a 15" red, tapered candle. When the flame goes out, a beautiful, red cloth dragon fan is there in its place. Candle to Fan is so well made and easy to use. It is all self-contained. After the lit candle transforms into the red...

Sponge Poker Trick
Sponge Poker
Trick by Michael Lair - $12.00

A 1 1/2" red sponge ball changes instantly into a red poker chip while placed momentarily into a clear coin case! It is an excellent ending to any sponge ball routine.