Magic by Mr. Bless

Sensation Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Mr. Bless - $4.95

Sensation combines card magic and mentalism. To perform this effect you'll need just a regular deck of cards. You can even borrow one. After a card is freely selected, the magician is able to find it again just by using the sensation he gets from the cards while he is looking away.

Post-It Mysteries Magic download (video)
Post-It Mysteries
Magic download (video) by Mr. Bless - $4.95

Vanishing, appearing and transposition, 3 magic routines based on post-it note predictions: Self-Working Post-It Miracle: The magician shuffles the deck and writes a prediction on a post-it note pad. The spectator cuts the deck two times in two facing up piles for a casual selection....