Magic by Nahuel Olivera

AdSense Trick
Trick by Nahuel Olivera and El Gran Bronzini - 34.95

Harness the power of subliminal messaging with this incredibly simple, yet powerful, effect that you'll want to carry with you everywhere you go....

Comedy Necktie Trick
Comedy Necktie
Trick by Nahuel Olivera - 49.95

Magicians have been making their props elongate, stretch and magically get longer for years. But suppose you could do that with your necktie? This...

The Baker - Dunninger Slate Trick
The Baker - Dunninger Slate
Trick by Nahuel Olivera - 65.00

The Magician shows a slate (with lines) and a sealed envelope (inside, it has a prediction). Such prediction will be the result of the sum between...

UH!  Trick
Trick by Nahuel Olivera - 79.95

The magician shows a box with a glass inside and one sponge ball out of the glass. Then covers the front of the box with a sketch pad (which has a...

D Trick
Trick by Nahuel Olivera - 34.95

"D" is a dice matrix but with colors. Inexplicably, the colors travel from one end to the other! You get five special dice for this...

Reinvent Trick
Trick by Nahuel Olivera - 25.00

This accessory will allow you to make the appearance of four coins, one by one, in a simple and magical way, without complex technical or unnatural...