Magic by Paul Harris Presents

Steam 2.0 Refills Refill
Steam 2.0 Refills
Refill by Ali Nouira and Paul Harris Presents - 7.95

Refills for Steam 2.0. Click 'add to cart' to choose which refill you would like... Steam 2.0 Refill Envelopes (25 Ct.)  Convenient refill...

Paul Harris Presents True Astonishments Box Set Trick
Paul Harris Presents True Astonishments Box Set
Trick by Paul Harris Presents - 200.00

Finally those that missed out on the original release have a chance to enjoy a deep dive into the mind of the incredible Paul Harris. When it was...

Freedom Writer Trick
Freedom Writer
Trick by Mark Allen and Paul Harris Presents - 59.95

When we polled the Vanishing Inc. team about the best, simple devices which create the most magical looking effects, a writer was right up in the...

Deep X Trick
Deep X
Trick by Paul Harris, Paul Harris Presents and Knight - 44.95

A thought-of word or name inside your examinable wallet. This is an easy and powerful miracle you'll love performing. Brought to you by Paul Harris...

Rattled Trick
Trick by Dan Hauss and Paul Harris Presents - From $34.95

NOW IN 4 COLORS! You display a water bottle cap and put a coin or ring under the cap. You step back from the table so there's no way you...