Magic by Paul Roberts

Working Repertoire Magic download (video)
Working Repertoire
Magic download (video) by Paul Roberts - $14.99

Paul's working repertoire. The tricks, sleights, patter and psychology that has earned him his living for many years as a working professional. Paul is interviewed by HARRY ROBSON and SHAUN MCCREE, two of the best and busiest magicians in the country. They delve into the how's and why's of...

Lightening Chop Cup Magic download (video)
Lightening Chop Cup
Magic download (video) by Paul Roberts - $8.95

Want to get WOW reactions? Looking for a fabulous Chop Cup routine? Here's Paul's take on a classic effect. Paul offers tips and teaches tricks for his hilarious and mystifying Chop Cup routine. Download the video and soon this will be in your arsenal!

Numbers Up Magic download (video)
Numbers Up
Magic download (video) by Paul Roberts - $8.95

Looking for an amazing way to reveal a selected, signed card? The spectator selects a card and signs it. It's lost in the deck. The spectator names a number. Cards are counted down by the spectator. The signed, selected card is shown to be FACE UP at that exact number! ...

Ring Flash Magic download (video)
Ring Flash
Magic download (video) by Paul Roberts - $8.95

Here's a magical and dramatic way to have a spectator's vanished ring reappear! A great effect by Wayne Dobson: A borrowed ring is vanished and reappears on a string with a big FLASH!!! Download the video and learn this amazing effect!