Magic by Robert Neale

Magic Inside Out Book
Magic Inside Out
Book by Lawrence Hass and Robert Neale - 35.00

Magic Inside Out is a tremendous collection of 12 never-before-revealed routines from Bob Neale. Each mind-bending effect follows his trademark style...

Magic Matters Book
Magic Matters
Book by Robert Neale and Larry Hass - 40.00

Robert E. Neale is a prolific creator of magic tricks and presentations, which are performed by magicians all over the world. He is also a...

Celebration Of Sides Magic download (video)
Celebration Of Sides
Magic download (video) by Robert Neale - 14.95

Celebration of Sides will expose you to many unusual facets of the unique Robert Neale. Meet Neale the Topologist, the Artist, the...

Breaking Our Magic Wands Book
Breaking Our Magic Wands
Book by Robert Neale - 19.95

When magicians die, it is customary to break a wand to symbolize the end of their magic. But as Shakespeare's Prospero shows, there might be other...

An Essay on Magic Book
An Essay on Magic
Book by Robert Neale - 29.95

Between 1998-2000 Robert E. Neale wrote three important books, each one on a topic that is central to magicians: illusion, wonder, and magic...

Frog Tales Book Book
Frog Tales Book
Book by Robert Neale - 15.00

How To Fold Jumping Frogs From Poker Cards and do Five Tricks with Them... Finally, a complete treatise devoted to the charismatic card frog...

This Is Not A Book Book
This Is Not A Book
Book by Robert Neale - 47.00

Wonder and magic surround us, yet we need a guide to see them. Historically, that guide is the magician-and Robert E. Neale is the celebrated...

Folding Money Fooling Book
Folding Money Fooling
Book by Robert Neale - 39.95

How To Make Entertaining Novelties From Dollar Bills Would you like to learn how to easily fold amazing origami models, and then entertain with them?...