Magic by Larry Hass

Eugene Burger: From Beyond Book
Eugene Burger: From Beyond
Book by Larry Hass - $79.95

In 2017 magic lost one of its brightest lights: Eugene Burger. Astonishingly, a new book has emerged that celebrates Eugene's storied career, and delves into parts of his repertoire NEVER explored during his life. Before his passing, Eugene expressed to Larry Hass that he wanted to produce a book...

Inspirations: Performing Magic with Excellence Book
Inspirations: Performing Magic with Excellence
Book by Larry Hass - $49.95

In this long-awaited follow-up to Transformations: Creating Magic Out of Tricks, Lawrence Hass opens a path for magicians to reach toward better magic performances and shows. Covering many topics of supreme importance to working magicians, Lawrence shares his practical thinking and...

Magic Matters Book
Magic Matters
Book by Robert Neale and Larry Hass - $40.00

Robert E. Neale is a prolific creator of magic tricks and presentations, which are performed by magicians all over the world. He is also a leading philosopher of magic whose theoretical writings are helping performers better understand the work they do and expand its range to be more...

Performing Magic With Impact Book
Performing Magic With Impact
Book by George Parker and Larry Hass - $24.95

Having performed over 4,500 shows in more than 25 countries, George Parker is a world-leading corporate magician. He has carefully guarded the secrets of his success... until now. In this book for magicians, George Parker shares the thoughtful approach and performing material he uses...

Nine Uneasy Pieces Book
Nine Uneasy Pieces
Book by Larry Hass - $15.00

Nine Uneasy Pieces is the brand-new book by the master of magical storytelling, Robert E. Neale. Nine Uneasy Pieces includes nine previously unpublished routines, each one with a complete script: The Bald Truth A Strange Happening at Ho Toy (by Larry White) The Archangel The...

Life Magic Book
Life Magic
Book by Larry Hass - $19.95

Larry Hass is the Dean of McBride's Magic & Mystery School.In this book about life and magic, you will find: A previously unpublished, deep-fooling card routine. An Inspirational public address about living as a magician.An essay about the important place of magic in our lives."With the...