Magic by Rory Adams

Breather Stickers Accessory
Breather Stickers
Accessory by Rory Adams - $6.95

Breather Stickers is a fun addition to your deck of cards. Simply add this sticker to your King of Diamonds or Queen of Spades and instantly be able to cut to it whenever you like. Use it as a key card and you or your spectator can cut to it every single time! Perfect for anyone learning or...

Only Ideas Book
Only Ideas
Book by Rory Adams - $29.95

Have you ever wished you could come up with new magic? Have you wanted to devise your own effects? Only Ideas is your how-to guide to creating magic plus 100 ideas to get you started. This pocket-sized multi-read is designed to get you to create strong and original magic. Only Ideas is...

Target Practice Magic download (video)
Target Practice
Magic download (video) by Rory Adams - $9.95

Show off your shooting skills with an incredible display of rubber band magic in Target Practice!Impossible to understand and amazing to behold, spectators see you visually shoot one rubber band onto another, and you can immediately give out the linked bands for examination!Even better, it's...