Magic by Ryan Matney

Bada-Bing Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Ryan Matney - $15.00

We miss the days of discovering a new talent in the lobby of a magic convention and picking up his notes. This was, in our youth, the best way to REALLY discover the underground work of emerging talent. The internet has more or less put an end to that. So we were elated with the quality...

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Ultramodern II Book
Ultramodern II
Book by Ryan Matney - $25.00 NOW $12.50 (SAVE $12.50)

The anthology series continues. Inside this volume of Ultramodern, you will find magic with cards, coins, bills, and mentalism. Every item has been selected for its practical and commercial potential. Expand your arsenal and become even more proficient with your magic! Featuring new...

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Bada-Bing! Book
Book by Ryan Matney - $25.00 NOW $12.50 (SAVE $12.50)

Looking for thought-out plots and logical handlings? Then look no further than Bada-Bing! by Ryan Matney. Here are eleven new card tricks real-world performer, full of fun plots and improved and practical handlings. Contents include: Plan B Aces – The magician...

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The Self-Working Project DVD
The Self-Working Project
DVD by Ryan Matney - $15.00

These routines are the result of many hours of experimentation with different plots, ideas, and methods. Seven professional self-working routines. This is not your average self-working magic. These tricks make a big bang. Full scripts are included for many of...

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Distilled Book
Book by Ryan Matney - $25.00

Ryan Matney has taken some modern subtleties, concepts, and principles, put them on the boil and simmered them down to their essence. What's left is pure magic. It's all new, previously unpublished. This is highly-evolved, professional, self-working card magic from the...

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The End Times Book One Book
The End Times Book One
Book by Ryan Matney - $30.00

In the tradition of such harbingers of doom and gloom like, The Pallbearer's Review, Epilogue, and Apocalypse, comes The End Times, a new journal of close-up magic. This first volume features: "Dislocation" by Ryan Matney, a quick, and amazing, single Card Across type thingy that is...

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