Is Erdnase Magic Store Legit?

Tl;dr: No.

Of course, erdnasemagicstore looks amazing. All the latest magic tricks, magic books, and magic downloads all available for just a couple of bucks each. What a dream come true, right?

Turns out, not so much.

You see, is run by criminals, who steal magic from creators and steal their income.

Do you remember a couple of years ago, amazing magic downloads were coming out seemingly every day? Have you noticed a decline in their releases? Us too. That’s because so many amazing magic creators are now refusing to release their magic because they know within hours it will end up on piracy sites.

We get that not everyone can afford magic but still want to learn magic tricks. This is exactly why we have so many free magic downloads available. If you want easy mentalism and mindreading, we got you covered too. Right here, you can not only learn card tricks and learn magic tricks, you can also learn sleight of hand. All for free. We’ve even made videos of all the card magic basics for you.

From close-up magic, card magic, coin magic, and magic books, to mentalism, stage and parlor magic and even magic conventions, we’ve got everything you need.

If you’re not a beginner, there are utterly incredible free magic downloads right here, including magic from some of the greatest magicians in the world.

There are huge risks shopping at erdnasemagicstore. Your email address will be added to spam lists. You risk having not only your credit card details stolen, but also your ID. The site is run by organized criminals. You are trusting them with all your financial information which they can easily exploit.

How To Tell That Erdnase Magic Store Is Not Legit The prices are the main giveaway. If every real magic site is selling something for $40, and you see it on Erdnase for $2, it’s clearly stolen.

Legitimate websites will have their physical address on the site. Because erdnasemagicstore is a criminal piracy site, there is no address.

They hide who owns the domain. This is another red flag.

They have bad reviews. Which, you guessed it, is another red flag.

In short, there is nothing legit about erdnasemagicstore at all.

They are thieves who are harming the magic community, and now you know the truth behind the erdnase magic store, we urge you to support original creators and shop at legitimate magic stores.