Magic by Stefan Olschewski

Mesmerize Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Stefan Olschewski - $9.95

At Vanishing Inc we pride ourselves on bringing you real-world effects, and Mesmerize from Stephan Olschewski is a great example of a workable, solid mentalism routine. Ideally suited to audiences of at least 15, you get all of your audience members to think of ANY thought - no restriction. ...

Glassandra Trick
Trick by Stefan Olschewski - $29.95

As seen at FISM! Finally, German mentalist Stefan Olschewski shares one of his most closely guarded secrets that got him standing ovations when he performed it in his famous "DWARF" act at FISM. Glassandra is not a trick. Glassandra is the ultimate prediction...

It's all in the head Book
It's all in the head
Book by Stefan Olschewski - $24.95

Get ready to step inside of Stefan Olschewski's head. In this 56 page book (A4 format), you will find lots of content from his professional repertoire. Nothing is held back. Stefan even shares an exclusive idea that got him standing ovations when he did his lecture in Austria, something that...

The Dwarfs DVD
The Dwarfs
DVD by Stefan Olschewski - $35.00 NOW $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

Four randomly selected spectators... Three fair choices... One amazing killer prediction... Get ready for "The Dwarfs"! Experience one of the most baffling and entertaining mentalism routines out there. Stefan explains his complete FISM act in great detail - nothing is held...

Mentalities DVD
DVD by Stefan Olschewski - $50.00 NOW $38.00 (SAVE $12.00)

Get to know one of Germany's top mentalists and multi-award winner with this amazing 2 DVD set. MENTALITIES by Stefan Olschewski presents a complete, one hour show, filmed in front of a live audience. Experience a new way of mentalism. No boring revelations or pseudo mysterious patter - just...