Magic by Stegmaier

Refill for Show Stopper Card Trick
Refill for Show Stopper Card
Trick by Stegmaier - 7.95

Refill for Lubor Fielder's Show Stopper Card Trick.

Electric Mini Smoke Trick
Electric Mini Smoke
Trick by Stegmaier - 108.95

EFFECT: At anytime in his performance, the magician lights a cigarette, takes a few puffs, then announces that he will, "save the rest for later."...

X-Tubes Trick
Trick by Stegmaier - 8.35

Here are just two of the many effects possible with the X-Tubes:EFFECT: The magician borrows any bill and places it into the tube. Amazingly, the...

Antigravitron DVD
DVD by Stegmaier - 19.95

The magician hands a large metal ring (of approx. 18"/ 45cm in diameter) to the audience for inspection. His hands are empty. A spectator puts an...

Maxi Thimbles Trick
Maxi Thimbles
Trick by Stegmaier - From $11.00

This ingenious effect opens many possibilities and offers the perfect climax to any thimble manipulation routine. The magician displays a normal size...

Mental Monte Trick
Mental Monte
Trick by Stegmaier - 5.00

EffectThe 4 Steps to Amazement: 1) The magician places a prediction card on the table.2) The spectator mentally selects one of four different cards...

X-Ray Coinbox Trick
X-Ray Coinbox
Trick by Stegmaier - 19.95

Coin box magic has been taken to the next level and updated with this durable, precision-made transparent box. Now you can perform all of your...

Mystery Tube Trick
Mystery Tube
Trick by Stegmaier - 18.00

One of the most fascinating pocket tricks you have ever seen. Magic with transparent props that is far from transparent in method. Show a small...

Atomic Die trick Trick
Atomic Die trick
Trick by Stegmaier - 50.00

The magician displays two black cups and one die. He tosses the die into one of the cups and lets it drop from one to the other several times showing...

Supravision - Astor's Miracle No. 2 Trick
Supravision - Astor's Miracle No. 2
Trick by Stegmaier - 18.95

A completely inexplicable mental effect. Is it real telepathy? It remains a mystery.EffectThe medium (who could be your partner) is blindfolded by...

Werry's PSI Power Trick
Werry's PSI Power
Trick by Stegmaier - 39.95

EffectNew and Clever principle to secretly obtain written information1Regardless of how many people write anywhere on the paper, Performer can...

Aztek DVD
DVD by Stegmaier - 19.95

An impromptu trick and one of the most UNUSUAL principles to come out for a long time! Aztek is a great concept. It's a gimmick that will make any...