Magic by Steve Marchello

Up Trick
Trick by Steve Marchello and Bandung Magic Production - 29.95

Give your spectator the power to levitate a signed card! "Up" is one of the craziest playing card levitations we've ever seen. Everyone...

Minime Trick
Trick by Steve Marchello - 29.95

Minime is an incredibly fun and visual animated card effect that every close-up and street magician is going to want to add to their set...

LINKCLIP Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Steve Marchello - 9.00

Here's a great way to magically link paper clips together and mesmerize your audience! Use ordinary, borrowed paper clips. Instantly...

S'Pendulum Trick
Trick by Steve Marchello - 39.95

A convenient, practical, and powerful tool you can wear! "S'Pendulum" is Steve Marchello's amazing and organic approach to pendulum effects...

MOVINK Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by steven stevanus lewi and Steve Marchello - 8.99

Get ready for this highly visual moving ink miracle! With MOVINK you can animate ink as it moves across a playing card box. Make an X slide...