Magic by Steve Valentine

Booked DVD
DVD by Steve Valentine - $30.00

Have you ever performed a gaffed book test and had someone yell 'DO IT WITH MY BOOK!'? Well now you can, with Steve Valentine's BOOKED!...

3 Card Routine DVD
3 Card Routine
DVD by Steve Valentine - $50.00

Some of you may know Steve Valentine from TV's CROSSING JORDAN or I'M IN THE BAND, some may remember him as the sly magician on HOUSE or the evil...

Trick by Steve Valentine - $50.00

This is Steve's brilliant take on the classic CARD THOUGH HANKY - the perfect effect for todays audience. Steve's version uses...

Steve Valentine’s V Deck Deck of cards
Steve Valentine’s V Deck
Deck of cards by Steve Valentine - $11.95

Former Lecturer of the Year and Two-time Close-up Performer of the Year Steve Valentine introduces his first-ever signature deck. The V Deck is an...

The Lecture DVD
The Lecture
DVD by Steve Valentine - $30.00

IN EARLY 2013, actor and two time Magic Castle Close-up Magician of the Year, Steve Valentine was invited to present his first ever lecture to The...

Refill for 3 Card Routine Trick
Refill for 3 Card Routine
Trick by Steve Valentine - $20.00

Replacement cards for Steve Valentine's 3 Card Routine. Contains 4 gaffed cards. No instructions.