Magic by Theatre Magic

Wonder Bubble DVD
Wonder Bubble
DVD by Theatre Magic - $22.00

Remember when you were a kid and anything seemed possible? Well, now imagine anything is. As you display some ordinary bubbles you continue blowing them recalling the story of how important imagination is. Then suddenly you reach out and actually grab a bubble without it bursting. Not only that...

Sponge Ball Magic Trick
Sponge Ball Magic
Trick by Theatre Magic - $22.00

The perfect close-up magic routine. Here you receive a great set of props, a great set of instructions, giving you everything you need to perform a lot of great magic. Imagine plucking a red ball out of a bagless purse, making it vanish, and having it reappear in the spectator's closed fist. You...

Wonder Light DVD
Wonder Light
DVD by Theatre Magic - $22.00

Wonder Lights give you an incredible ability to harness energy at your fingertips. A magicial spectacle of light! At anytime you reach out and grab a spot of bright light from thin air. All at your control. This is very captivating magic. The Wonder Lights illuminate your entire hand!...

Fire Wallet 2.0 Trick
Fire Wallet 2.0
Trick by Theatre Magic - $44.00

This trick is sure to make your name the HOTTEST ticket in town...literally! Next time you're paying for something or you have to take your wallet out, imagine the look on your friends faces when your wallet bursts into flames! We're talking some serious heat. Then, you can show your wallet is...

The Levitator Trick
The Levitator
Trick by Theatre Magic - $33.00

Now You Can Perform The Same Close-Up Levitations Like The Pros! Imagine being able to borrow a coin, a bill, a credit card, a pen and float it right there on the spot in front of anyone! Anytime. Anywhere. Now You Can ..."The Levitator is the Greatest Levitation Device Ever Invented" Every detail...