Magic by Tim Spinosa

+Amated Deck Trick
+Amated Deck
Trick by Tim Spinosa - $19.95

The Hottest Animated Trick To Hit the Market! This new animated trick has been taken to a whole new level. First of all, there are NO SLEIGHTS, so ANYONE CAN PERFORM THE ANIMATED DECK trick flawlessly with four times the magic! Effect The deck is shown front and back to be...

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Mystic Frog Trick
Mystic Frog
Trick by Tim Spinosa - $20.00

Mys*tic (mis'tik), adj. The belief that perception goes beyond logical reasoning. Effect The Mystic Frog is a fun and entertaining magic trick where a cool little frog finds the location of a freely selected card. Your spectators will love jumping the frog from card to card, and suddenly the Mystic...

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