Magic by Timothy Pressley

TaeWando Trick
Trick by Timothy Pressley - 14.95

TaeWando is a magic wand that transforms into a pair of nunchucks! Kids already have a secret suspicion that you're a ninja, how else can you...

Colorful Sponge Eggs Trick
Colorful Sponge Eggs
Trick by Timothy Pressley - 29.95

Make that next egg routine more visual and colorful with these vibrant sponge eggs!Whether you use them for Easter magic, fairy tales, or anything...

Sponge Carrot to Rabbit Trick
Sponge Carrot to Rabbit
Trick by Timothy Pressley - 65.00

Magically transform a sponge carrot into a sponge bunny in the palm of your hand with the remarkable Sponge Carrot to Rabbit! You'll receive: 1...

Super-Soft Sponge Christmas Lights Trick
Super-Soft Sponge Christmas Lights
Trick by Timothy Pressley - 75.00

Fill your stage with vibrant colors and holiday spirit during your holiday magic shows with these Super-Soft Sponge Christmas Lights by Goshman. Each...

Super-Soft Sponge Strawberries Trick
Super-Soft Sponge Strawberries
Trick by Timothy Pressley - 25.00

This set of 4 sponge strawberries looks so tasty, you may be tempted to take a bite out of them! This amazing set of Super-Soft Sponge Strawberries...