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Hold 'Em Magic Sampler Magic download (ebook)
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Our newest book Hold 'Em Magic contains some of the most gambling themed card magic we've ever seen. It's a large, luxurous hardback with magic from...

Hold 'Em Magic Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Hold 'Em Magic
Book by Tom Frame - $45.00 $36.00 (SAVE $9.00)

Every magician, everywhere in the world, comes to the same realization: if you do card work you MUST know something about Texas Hold 'Em. Many...

Framework Book
Book by Tom Frame - 55.00

Framework is a collection of 34 of Tom's best card effects, created from 1978 to 2011. Think of this a an excellent 'best of' collection of Tom's...

Hypercard Project Book
Hypercard Project
Book by Tom Frame - 25.00

In Self Working Table Magic, Karl Fulves taught a little enigma where you folded a piece of card into an impossible shape. It's not magic in the...