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Magic by Tom Gagnon

Avant-Cards Book
Book by Tom Gagnon - $50.00

Over twenty years in the making, Tom Gagnon is proud to release the beautifully hardbound, oversized format AVANT-CARDS: Tom's first and only large collection of original, baffling, close-up card magic. Written by Wesley James, edited by Matthew Field, includes 568 illustrations by Tom,...

Too Hot For The Devil Book
Too Hot For The Devil
Book by Tom Gagnon and Matthew Field - $60.00 NOW $48.00 (SAVE $12.00)

Following the publication of his highly acclaimed book Avant-Cards, Tom Gagnon shares some of his most cherished secrets in his newest release Too Hot for the Devil. Co-authored with Matthew Field, this hardbound book of close-up magic contains 215 pages, 746 stunning illustrations, and includes...