Magic by Tony Chris

Hampton Falls DVD
Hampton Falls
DVD by Tony Chris - $40.00

A Macabre Mentalism/Bizarre Masterpiece On June 18, 1969 in Hampton Falls, Massachusetts, eight high school students spent one terrifying night in an...

Karnival of Magick DVD
Karnival of Magick
DVD by Tony Chris - $49.95

Step into the other realm of magic with Tony Chris as he takes you on an amazing journey into the Bizarre. The time has come for bizarre magick to...

Halloween Show DVD
Halloween Show
DVD by Tony Chris - $35.00

Are you planning a Halloween-themed magic show? Looking for ideas, inspirations, and routines to make your show “Spooktacular?” You’ll learn a...

DVD by Tony Chris - $29.95

Tony Chris invites you to join him for nearly two hours of instructional entertainment as he performs and explains in detail the working of ten...