Magic by Tony Karpinski

Card Star Trick
Card Star
Trick by Tony Karpinski - $475.00

Looking for a powerful and dramatic way to reveal your spectator's cards? The Card Star allows for a flashy appearance of five selected cards at each point of the decorative star. The unit is made of solid mahogany with a strip of inlay running on each leg of the star. The appearance...

Flexible Mirror/Needle Through Mirror Trick
Flexible Mirror/Needle Through Mirror
Trick by Tony Karpinski - $199.95

This is a classic that you should know about. Needle Through Mirror, also known as the Flexible Frame, allows the performer to place a wood-framed mirror into a cloth bag and, upon command, push a standard knitting needle through the solid mirror. Astoundingly, the magician then BENDS the solid...

Coin Stand Trick
Coin Stand
Trick by Tony Karpinski - $55.00

The Coin Stand is a simple and elegant way to make up to four coins disappear. The disappearance of each coin is under full control of the performer. And, the stand is beautiful! Add class to your act with this great effect!

Houlette Accessory
Accessory by Tony Karpinski - $99.95

The Karpinski Houlette is a utility card stand which can be used for displays of decks in a variety of effects, and which has been crafted with the components to perform a multiple card rise. The Houlette is a vertical stand for playing cards which serves to isolate the deck from apparent...

Coin Chest Trick
Coin Chest
Trick by Tony Karpinski - $350.00

The Karpinski Coin Chest is primarily constructed of walnut with mahogany side panels. It features a custom inlay and the interior is lined with crushed velvet. The device allows for the instant appearance (or reappearance) of up to four half dollar sized coins. The mechanism is fully controllable...

Genii Tube Trick
Genii Tube
Trick by Tony Karpinski - $150.00

The Karpinski Genii Tube has unique features that differentiate it from the traditional Genii Tube. The square design, rather than the more common cylinder design, has two distinct load chambers which can be filled separately. Additionally, the hinged division allows the tube to be opened...

Copentro Trick
Trick by Tony Karpinski - $255.00 NOW $193.80 (SAVE $61.20)

The popular classic Copentro is available once again in the form of Copentro (High Quality) by Tony Karpinski. The beautifully crafted props make possible a beautifully impossible effect. A glass is placed, mouth up, on a wooden base. A much larger glass is placed covering the first...