Magic by Tran Dang Ninh

Ring Through Laces Trick
Ring Through Laces
Trick by Tran Dang Ninh - $24.95 NOW $18.96 (SAVE $5.99)

Fast, simple and effective. With Ring Through Laces, you can borrow a ring from any spectator and set the ring on your shoelaces.  Shake your shoelaces and the ring will shake through the knot and nest inside the loop of your shoelace. An extremely simple gimmick makes for a visual...

ESCAPE by Ninh Trick
ESCAPE by Ninh
Trick by Tran Dang Ninh - $29.95

ESCAPE - THE BEST CARD CORNER TRANSFER EFFECT Smagic is proud to release ESCAPE. From the mind of Ninh, we know you will fall in love with this easy-to-perform, visual effect. The spectator selects any random card. Tear the corner and have them sign their name on it. To...