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Magic by Vincenzo DiFatta

Houdini Deck Trick
Houdini Deck
Trick by Vincenzo DiFatta - $10.42 $7.92 (SAVE $2.50)

Houdini deck, a trick from Stephane Jardonnet. The magician shows a deck of cards to the audience and asks a spectator to choose a card and...

Pen Thru Anything Trick
Pen Thru Anything
Trick by Vincenzo DiFatta - $3.65 $2.77 (SAVE $0.88)

A Pen is thrust thru the center of a borrowed bill. Show that the pen is clearly piercing the bill. Then the pen is removed and bill is returned...

Visible Cut Trick
Visible Cut
Trick by Vincenzo DiFatta - $5.00 $3.80 (SAVE $1.20)

A common rope is placed inside the "Visible Cut" case and visually cut. The two pieces are clearly visible. Finally the case is reunited and the rope...

Ghost Coin Trick
Ghost Coin
Trick by Vincenzo DiFatta - $3.00 $2.28 (SAVE $0.72)

A coin appears and vanishes right in front of the spectator's eyes! Very easy to do.

Metallic Spring Flowers Trick
Metallic Spring Flowers
Trick by Vincenzo DiFatta - $13.00 $9.88 (SAVE $3.12)

Wonderful colored flowers appear out of an ancient magic book, or out of a wallet, a pan or anything else you can think of!When closed they are...