Magic by Wild-Colombini Magic

Trident trick Trick
Trident trick
Trick by Wild-Colombini Magic - $15.00

Three packets of cards are introduced.  Three spectators each select a card from the packets, and these cards are seen to be the only cards with...

Carousel DVD
DVD by Wild-Colombini Magic - $10.00

A closing routine with dozens of effects and with a climax that floors audiences! Productions of court cards, four Aces, change of color of the backs...

Grand Prix DVD
Grand Prix
DVD by Wild-Colombini Magic - $10.00

A closing routine with multiple climaxes. You produce the four Aces and place three of them in an envelope leaving out the AS. Then you produce ten...

Four-Play DVD
DVD by Wild-Colombini Magic - $10.00

An incredible card routine with multiple climaxes. Four packets are cut by a spectator. The top card of each pile is taken and placed in front of...

Italian Serenade DVD
Italian Serenade
DVD by Wild-Colombini Magic - $10.00

This is a reputation maker routine. Uses a regular deck of cards and it is totally impromptu. You show the four Kings and four black cards. The Kings...

Pabular Volume 3 DVD
Pabular Volume 3
DVD by Wild-Colombini Magic - $10.00

The English magazine Pabular was first published in 1974 by Nick Bolton and ran for just over eight exciting volumes. It was mainly edited by the...

Point Blank Assembly Duffie Trick
Point Blank Assembly Duffie
Trick by Wild-Colombini Magic - $15.00

A diabolical three phase routine.Four Kings change places one at a time with four blank cards. The transposition is repeated only this time it occurs...

Impulse trick Duffie/Colombini Trick
Impulse trick Duffie/Colombini
Trick by Wild-Colombini Magic - $12.00

This routine starts with a transposition between a regular card and a blank card, but ends with a finish that those who have seen it describe as 'NOT...

Stund trick Duffie Trick
Stund trick Duffie
Trick by Wild-Colombini Magic - $10.00

You shuffle a deck, place it on the table and invite a spectator to cut it. You bring out a packet of four cards and proceed to tell a story about...

Millinnium Bug trick Trick
Millinnium Bug trick
Trick by Wild-Colombini Magic - $10.00

EffectThe perfect trick for the turn of the century and beyond. Be ready to amaze and amuse for the millennium and beyond with this easy-to-do and...

Chipping Away Trick
Chipping Away
Trick by Wild-Colombini Magic - $15.00

EffectYou show cards with poker chip of different values printed on them. These cards are handed to a spectator who positions them end to end, while...