Magic by Wild-Colombini

Dig-It Trick
Trick by Wild-Colombini - $10.00

A comedy ending for a great favorite: The MULTIPLE-PIP CARD trick.EffectA card is selected (say the 7S). You show a jumbo card AS but it is not the selection; you turn the card over and it has the 4S; you turn it over and show the 3S and finally you turn the card over and show the 6S. A Spade...

Back Off Trick
Back Off
Trick by Wild-Colombini - $10.00

EffectThis is an amazing close-up trick which is a mystery to any audience. Two cards are selected from a deck of cards. You show several Jokers. One at a time, the jokers turn over and during this process changed into duplicates of the first card. Then, they all changed into duplicates of the...

Birds Of A Feather Trick
Birds Of A Feather
Trick by Wild-Colombini - $18.00

This is a beautiful comedy routine that plays well for both regular shows, and also for MC work.

Twists and Turns Trick
Twists and Turns
Trick by Wild-Colombini - $10.00

This effect is straight-forward and powerful. A most unusual routine!EffectA card is selected from a deck of cards, say it is the 5 of Spades. A packet of three Jokers is introduced. The 5S is placed among the Jokers whereupon it instantly turns face down. It is replaced and turns face up. You then...