Magic by Cody Fisher

Las Vegas Aces (DVD and Gimmicks) DVD
Las Vegas Aces (DVD and Gimmicks)
DVD by Cody Fisher - $24.95

Straight from Cody Fisher's personal arsenal of strolling magic effects, get ready for LAS VEGAS ACES! In an effort to expose the secret techniques of Las Vegas gamblers, you magically cause the four aces to travel invisibly from hand to hand. The last ace is magically rubbed through...

Deal Sealer DVD
Deal Sealer
DVD by Cody Fisher - $24.95

Cody has gotten more $100 tips with this effect and strategy than any other! THE DEAL SEALER is Cody Fisher's closely-guarded secret for locking in a great impression and increasing your chances of new bookings. Cody Fisher is finally ready to share with you his encore effect that he...

Killer Prediction Trick
Killer Prediction
Trick by Cody Fisher - $39.95

Right out of his corporate act Cody Fishers Killer Prediction is a masterpiece of stand up magic. The magician introduces a cased deck of cards as his prediction. Then tossing three different colored paper balls into the audience three spectators are chosen. Together they freely select...

The Unforgettable Coin Magic of Cody Fisher Magic download (video)
The Unforgettable Coin Magic of Cody Fisher
Magic download (video) by Cody Fisher - $5.95

This coin magic download showcases three classic routines that have been put together by Austin, Texas professional magician Cody Fisher/ The routines presented are a copper/silver routine, a coins across routine and acopper/silver/brass routine.  Routine 1 - Theft Proof...

3 Ropes and 1000 Laughs Trick
3 Ropes and 1000 Laughs
Trick by Cody Fisher - $39.95

Straight out of Cody fisher's corporate comedy act! 3 ROPES AND A 1000 LAUGHS is Cody Fisher's professional comedy rope routine. It's a 5-10 minute rope routine that is full of comedy, high on audience participation, fits in your pockets and can play to thousands! Not only...

Cody's Comedy Book Test Book
Cody's Comedy Book Test
Book by Cody Fisher - $64.95

Right out of Cody Fisher's corporate Stand Up act. This is simply the funniest and most effective comedy book test you can do. Three killer phases with twists, turns, hysterical wordplay and an unexpected punch at the finish. This is the only book test you will ever need or want to do for your...

Lightning Trick
Trick by Cody Fisher and Peter the Adequate - $40.00

This routine is straight out of Peter's (and Cody's) corporate comedy act. The Lightning Wrist Tie escape is Peter The Adequate's unique version of the wrist tie. This routine is 10 solid minutes with nothing more than a piece of rope and two audience volunteers. The routine is jammed packed with...

Bet Your Bucks Trick
Bet Your Bucks
Trick by Cody Fisher - $99.00

The Routine: First of all from an entertainment viewpoint it is VERY commercial. The routine begins with some very funny custom music (CD included) as the volunteer walks on stage. The effect is presented like a "game show" called "Bet Your Bucks". After the volunteer "loans" the magician some...

Cody Fisher On Magic DVD
Cody Fisher On Magic
DVD by Cody Fisher - $35.00

First, in a live performance for lay people, close up and personal, you will see a full time pro Cody Fisher perform the powerful magic, that has won him awards worldwide. Including the very prestigious Texas Association of Magicians award for best close-up magic. Each of these effects have...