Magic by maarif

Sandwich Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by maarif - 9.00

An incredible easy to do sandwich routine that both you and your audiences will love! The gimmick does most of the work for you and allows you to...

Split Gum Magic download (video)
Split Gum
Magic download (video) by maarif - 8.00

Now you can perform a major magic illusion in a close-up setting. Your audience watches as a package of gum visually splits into two separate...

Transform Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by maarif - 11.00

The latest color change from Maarif. This simple card trick is destined to be your new favorite. Download instantly!

Move N Stiff Magic download (video)
Move N Stiff
Magic download (video) by maarif - 8.00

Here's a great way to present a magic illusion in front of a close-up audience. Take a headset and command the wire to suddenly turn rigid. Make a...

Shoot Card Magic download (video)
Shoot Card
Magic download (video) by maarif - 13.00

Super easy to do. Can even use a signed card. Simple gimmick. NO Thread NO Duplicates NO Puller

One Heart Magic download (video)
One Heart
Magic download (video) by maarif - 10.00

A romantic magic trick where a playing card that was freely selected from a shuffled deck of cards matches the one held by the magician. Easy to do!...