Magic by maarif

Choose Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by maarif - $13.00

A mind-blowingly impossible prediction that is super easy to perform. You must download this one right away! After you place a prediction on the table in plain view, a spectator is allowed to make a free choice of a face up card. You then turn your prediction over to show it says "Your...

Card To Gum Magic download (video)
Card To Gum
Magic download (video) by maarif - $11.00

A playing card magically transforms into a pack of gum. Super easy to do and incredibly fun to learn. Download now.

Split Gum Magic download (video)
Split Gum
Magic download (video) by maarif - $8.00

Now you can perform a major magic illusion in a close-up setting. Your audience watches as a package of gum visually splits into two separate packages! It's truly amazing. You can double the amount of gum and share it with the audience -- it's real! Download the video and astound people with this...

Move N Stiff Magic download (video)
Move N Stiff
Magic download (video) by maarif - $8.00

Here's a great way to present a magic illusion in front of a close-up audience. Take a headset and command the wire to suddenly turn rigid. Make a magic gesture, and the cord relaxes once again. Looks amazing! Download the video and start learning!

Sandwich Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by maarif - $9.00

An incredible easy to do sandwich routine that both you and your audiences will love! The gimmick does most of the work for you and allows you to find any card--even a signed card! Start learning now!

Shoot Card Magic download (video)
Shoot Card
Magic download (video) by maarif - $13.00

Super easy to do. Can even use a signed card. Simple gimmick. NO Thread NO Duplicates NO Puller

One Heart Magic download (video)
One Heart
Magic download (video) by maarif - $10.00

A romantic magic trick where a playing card that was freely selected from a shuffled deck of cards matches the one held by the magician. Easy to do! Download now!

Transform Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by maarif - $11.00

The latest color change from Maarif. This simple card trick is destined to be your new favorite. Download instantly!