Vanishing Inc. Masterclass: Live

The Vanishing Inc. Magic Masterclass: Live is a new way to learn from the masters of magic.

Each month you’ll receive two fascinating lectures from an expert magician. Each lecture will be one hour 30 minutes. You can download the events, so there’s no need to take notes and you can learn at your own pace.

The lectures are held on the first two Sundays of each month, at 4pm NYC time, and on the third Sunday we hold an informal Q&A on Zoom for subscribers only.

Our goal with this series was to create a fresh alternative to online lectures, where you actually get to interact and learn from the instructor. These lectures are about making you a better magician and giving you better tools to amaze audiences.

Masterclass Liveishing
  • Learn from a different resident magician each month
  • Two 1.5+ hour lectures per month
  • A final live unmoderated Zoom group call with the lecturer
  • Watch live or download afterwards
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July 2021 Chris Kenner

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Upcoming magicians at Vanishing Inc. Masterclass: Live

We'll always keep you updated with the upcoming lecturers. Here's who you'll learn from over the coming months:

Harapan Ong live lecture
Harapan Ong

June 2021

More info
Chris Kenner live lecture
Chris Kenner

July 2021

More info
Jason England live lecture
Jason England

August 2021

More info
Dani DaOrtiz live lecture
Dani DaOrtiz

September 2021

More info
Jason Ladanye live lecture
Jason Ladanye

October 2021

More info
Kainoa Harbottle live lecture
Kainoa Harbottle

November 2021

More info
Mike Pisciotta live lecture
Mike Pisciotta

December 2021

More info

Past Masterclasses

Previous Vanishing Inc. Masterclass sessions are available to purchase below:

Asi Wind live lecture
Asi Wind
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Luke Jermay live lecture
Luke Jermay
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Blake Vogt live lecture
Blake Vogt
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David Williamson live lecture
David Williamson
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David Regal live lecture
David Regal
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Guy Hollingworth live lecture
Guy Hollingworth
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John Guastaferro live lecture
John Guastaferro
More info
Eric Jones live lecture
Eric Jones
More info
Mike Caveney live lecture
Mike Caveney
More info
Daniel Garcia live lecture
Daniel Garcia
More info
Peter Samelson live lecture
Peter Samelson
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Masterclass: Live Questions and Answers:

When are the lectures held?

The first three Sundays of the month at 4pm NYC time / 9pm BST.

Can I ask questions?

Yes! Like all of the best teaching experiences, you can ask questions to the lecturer. For one or two people a lecture, there will even be an opportunity to ask the question over video.

Why not do a lecture every week?

Learning magic isn't about being bombarded with instruction. It's about investing time to make yourself great. Therefore, each month we give you a week off to work on what you've learned.

How is this different to other online lectures?

We took what we learned from the At the Table lectures and created a true learning experience. Unlike other online lectures, this isn't just a series of performances and explanations — it's a deep dive into a different magician's work each month. Plus, the Q&A sessions are designed to allow you to get exactly what you want out of the lectures, and they are moderated to help the session stay on track.

Are the lectures pre-recorded?

No — each lecture is aired live.

How do I view the lectures?

You'll be able to view the lectures from within your Vanishing Inc. account, and ask questions there. We're using our own technology and there's no software that you need to install.

What if I miss the lecture?

A recording of each lecture will be in your account the next morning after the lecture.

What is the final Zoom call?

After each month's lectures, we'll invite you to join us with a fun, informal hangout on Zoom. It's completely optional, but a fun way of roudning out the month's lessons. It has the spirit and community of a magic club, but with a world-renowned magic expert running the show!

If I subscribe now, do I get the past lectures?

No — you only get access to the lectures that aired while you were susbcribed. You can purchase the others individually, however.

Is it easy to unsubscribe?

The lecture subscription has a three-month minimum subscription period. After that, you can cancel at any time in your account.