Guy Hollingworth: Masterclass: Live

Live lecture by Guy Hollingworth
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Guy Hollingworth: Masterclass: Live

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Live lecture by Guy Hollingworth ($75.00)

Hailed as one of magic's most revered creators and performers, we're pleased to welcome Guy Hollingworth for three intensive 90-minute lessons and then, at the end, a Zoom chat with all attendees.

The thrust of Masterclass: Live is to give you a front-row seat across from Guy Hollingworth, who will cover an array of published AND unpublished material using cards and small props. Hollingworth's sleight-of-hand magic is influential and innovative, and in addition to the magic he covers, you'll have a chance to learn about his approach to technique in general, and learn how he makes everything look so natural and effortless.

With Masterclass: Live we strive to select the very best exponents of sleight-of-hand magic and pair them with a platform perfectly suited for learning remotely. We're improving the technology with every outing, and we're particularly excited about having Hollingworth as a guest teacher. He is a detail-oriented instructor, and is as affable and effective teaching his work as he is onstage performing it.

Week One: 6th December 2020

  • Subject: Palming
  • General Introduction
  • Introduction to 1st session on palming
  • Palming with the right hand: (i) full palm and replacement; (ii) lateral palm
  • The Topless Change
  • Palming with the left hand
  • Occasional Card Production
  • Cards through jacket
  • The Phantom Count (including Phantom Aces and Phantom Prediction)

Week Two: 13th December 2020 Subject: Parlour Magic

  • Introduction to 2nd session: benefits of performing parlour magic (including misdirection, eye contact and range of sleights)
  • Waving the Aces (ungaffed and gaffed versions)
  • Stationery Assembly (including new handling for parlour performances)
  • Universal Card Scam (including new handling for parlour performances)

Week Three: 20th December 2020 Subject: Table Magic

  • Introduction to 3rd session
  • Gambling Routine, covering (i) ace cutting; (ii) false shuffle; (iii) false deals
  • Lazy stacked deck
  • Cups and Balls
  • Flapping
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  • Thomas asks: When will it take place?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: On Sundays at 4pm ET.
  • Derrick asks: How do I purchase Individual months?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Look for the link that says: Or purchase this lecture only for $75.00
  • Shleppers Moving & Storage asks: Can you guys make the lecture dates more obvious? And send reminders to those that are subscribers?

    • 1. James answers: The dates will always be the first four Sundays of the month. In your account, in the subscription area, you can set up automated e-mail reminders.
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  • Richard asks: Are the lectures/classes recorded and saved permanently for members?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes indeed. You can watch live, then 24 hours later the video is added to your account to keep forever.
  • Rusty asks: When you subscribe do you get access to previous masterclasses or only the ones from there on?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You receive the Masterclasses for the months you are subscribed for. You don't receive previous months if you were not subscribed for them.
  • Derrick asks: Dose choosing the " purchase this lecture only" option give you access to all three lectures in that month?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can get this lecture only. It means you can’t access the past lectures
  • David asks: A follow-up to Derrick's question: Does choosing the "purchase this lecture only" option give you access to all the Masterclass lectures in that month? That is, if I pay for the Guy Hollingworth Masterclass, do I get the three weeks of lectures that make up this Masterclass or do I get just one week?

    • 1. Adam answers: You get the whole 3 weeks from the same lecturer
    • 2. Kevin answers: Yes. With a 4th week, zoom meeting so you can ask questions.
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  • Michael asks: I would like to subscribe to the Hollingworth lectures, but won't be able to watch them live. Will I still be sent the downloads of the lectures automatically in this case? One last question if I may: I really only want to purchase the last lecture. Can I buy this as an individual lecture or am I required to purchase all three lectures as a package?

    • 1. Matthew answers: They will be available in your Downloads fairly quickly - In my experience, same day or next day. Also, I don't believe you can buy individual weeks as they all tend to bounce off each other and reference each other.
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  • Irving asks: I want to purchase week 3 of the Hollingsworth lecture .How can I do this ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sadly, you can't. It's the full month only.
  • Derrick asks: When will I receive the link to attend this lecture?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Few hours before the event.
  • Fabien asks: Hello, During the first 3 lectures, are we able to ask question or exchange/ discuss with Guy ? To make the content more interactive ? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can submit questions during the first three masterclasses.
  • Dominic asks: Hi, Once you have purchased the lectures is there an expiry date on them or can you permanently keep them?

    • 1. Jim answers: You get to keep the Masterclasses. Showtimes are the ones that expire.
    • 2. Dominic answers: Thanks ????
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  • Niklas asks: Hi i just wonder if i buy this is it possible for download or only here

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, after you buy it, you can download it.
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Customer reviews for Guy Hollingworth: Masterclass: Live



My Favourite Magician !
Better than Excellent ! Very kind as usual. Guy Shared his best magic and explain in details very deeply !
Can't wait to see him perform at the Session 2021!





Guy Hollingworth has not put out a lot of video instructions since the 'Hollingworth Collection' decades ago. It's great to learn some of his classic materials, with updates, and new stuff during this time. Also it's nice to learn his upcoming project. Looking forward to it.



Guy is one of my favourite magicians and in this Masterclass he really showed why. His routines and presentations are fantastic and his teaching is elegant and funny at the same time. You will see quite a few things during the lecture that have not been published yet, so it is definitely something you can look forward to. Also one thing I want to point out: In this day and age, a lot of magicians are afraid to show their best stuff on video (compared to other lectures), as they are afraid of people stealing it somehow. In my opinion Guy really didn't hold anything back and did a fantastic job. Thanks for this!





Guy Hollingworth: Masterclass: Live by Guy Hollingworth