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Mind Blasters 2 - magic

After the Peter Duffie has produced a second volume of his well-received Mind Blasters ebook.

Peter has compiled metalism and mental magic from the England's keenest minds. He's convinced 45 English magicians and mentalists to publish over 60 tricks in this 226-page ebook.You'll find contributions from the likes of Wayne Dobson, Andi Gladwin, Craig Petty, Marc Paul, Justin Higham, Shiv Duggal, Stephen Tucker, Al Smith, Liam Montier, David Penn, Lewis Jones and Walt Lees.

Some of our highlights from the 60 tricks that you'll learn are:

The Psychedelic Square - Marc Paul
After dazzling the audience with his ability to create a magic square the performer is able to predict the total of four randomly chosen squares and even which numbers would be in those squares!

Frick Off - Craig Petty
A great multi-phased routine using just your business cards.

Peeked Too Soon - Andi Gladwin
A participant writes something towards the centre of a page of a pad of sticky notes and, within seconds, the performer reveals the information, apparently without having read it.

Coinomancy - Roger Curzon
This is very clever! You place a laminated prediction face down on the table in full view of the audience. From a number of different coins an assisting spectator freely selects one. The spectator then tosses the coin in the air, letting it land on the table. When the prediction is turned over, not only does it correctly predict which coin the spectator would choose but also which side up (heads or tails) the coin lands.

Sibyl’s Pick - Joel Dickinson
A really great, novel mentalism effect: you hand three envelopes to a participant. She places one envelope in her left pocket, another in her right pocket and gives you the final envelope to hold onto. You open each envelope to reveal that inside is a prediction of exactly where the participant would place the envelopes.

And so much more ...
Over 60 tricks! This ebook will keep mentalists busy for months!

224 pages

Mind Blasters


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This an excellent book filled with incredible material from distinguished contributors. Even if you aren't a mentalist, you can probably find something you can use or adapt. It's an amazing value for the money. Buy this now, and buy Mind Blasters as well. You won't regret it.



Another wonderful book with Mind Blasters 2. Lots of contributions from top names in the magic industry. There is something for everyone here. There is a lot of gold throughout these pages. Here is a book you're going to want to read over and over again.