Mind Blasters

Magic download (ebook) by Peter Duffie
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Mind Blasters

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Magic download (ebook) by Peter Duffie (30.00)

When English magicians get together to work on a project, they do it in style! In this ebook, forty of England's best mentalists have shared some of their favourite mentalism and mental magic effects.

40 contributors, 55 tricks
With contributors such as Marc Paul, John Archer, Andi Gladwin, Wayne Dobson, David Britland and Mark Elsdon, you know you're in for a treat. And most of the 55 tricks have never been in print before.

Impromptu mentalism
If you're looking for propless, impromptu mentalism, you'll enjoy this ebook. For example, Marc Paul's totally impromptu serial number devination using a borrowed bill and John Holt's "Absolutely Positive" which is a trick using just a single coin.

Mentalism with playing cards
Even the card guys will be happy with this ebook as there are plenty of mentalism pieces using playing cards. But beware, there are lots that don't use cards too!

Stage and close-up
The 40 contributors that make up this ebook cover almost all styles of mentalism and mental magic. So, there are stage feats, close-up feats and everything in between.

Contributors to Mind Blasters:
  • Marc Paul
  • John Archer
  • Wayne Dobson
  • Stephen Tucker
  • Paul Hallas
  • Christopher Williams
  • Abracadaver
  • Les Johnson
  • Harold Cataquet
  • Andy Nicholls
  • Shiv Duggal
  • James Ward
  • Stephen Jones
  • Roni Shachnaey

196 pages

Mind Blasters


Customer reviews for Mind Blasters

VI Monthly


This an excellent book filled with incredible material from distinguished contributors. Even if you aren't a mentalist, you can probably find something you can use or adapt. It's an amazing value for the money. Buy this now, and buy Mind Blasters 2 as well. You won't regret it.



First, let me state that I'm not a mentalist, nor a performer of mental magic. I do some close up and mainly parlor/banquet shows.

And yet, I found 3 items that I can use. Not in the way the author probably intended, but that's a good thing.

My favorite books are those that present tricks that I can springboard off of, whether it's by using the plot line, the methodology, or whatever.

This book fits in this category.

Even the material I will never use will be filed away in the ol' grey matter and might be exhumed one day.

Good book.



Bit disappointed with this book.

No doubts that it has great effects for the magician looking to do some mental card magic, but feel a bit conned by the phrase "But beware, there are lots that don't use cards too!" - which should have read "But beware, there are lots that don't use PLAYING cards too! Instead they use ESP cards, or alphabet cards, or business cards..." :/

This book is very card heavy and to be honest the only saving grace for it is Marc Paul's AAA serial revelation.


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