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Inked DVD
DVD by Fred Darevil - $30.50

Tattoos are becoming a big part of popular culture and a way for many people to express themselves. Our good friend Fred Darevil has created a packet...

eLit DVD
DVD by Peter Eggink - $34.95

PERMANENTLY WATERMARK A BORROWED BILL! A spectator is asked to select a card and to memorize it. Next, you borrow a bill from your...

Incarnation DVD
DVD by Marc Oberon - $99.95

Marc Oberon latest gimmick has been a year in the making. Called Incarnation, it provides the ability to manifest thought and offers countless...

Tommy Wonder's Rubik's Card Trick
Tommy Wonder's Rubik's Card
Trick by Tommy Wonder - $75.00

The magician shows a box with fifteen cubes inside. These cubes have in their faces lots of cards all mixed up. The artist says he will try to...

Touched DVD
DVD by Morgan Strebler - $49.95

Morgan Strebler offers his update to the Psychokinetic Touches plot. What if you can cross the barrier of physical reality? ...

Counterfeit (packet trick) Trick
Counterfeit (packet trick)
Trick by MagicWorld - $24.95

Counterfeit is a handling of a packet trick from the mind of Stephen Tucker (used with kind permission), with an adapted presentation by Daniel...

Cerberus Wallet Trick
Cerberus Wallet
Trick by Daniel Meadows - $139.95

Special Offer: When you purchase this item, you will also receive an exclusive download from New York based magician, Eli Bosnick. Eli teaches you...

DVD by Wayne Fox - $30.00

Wayne Fox, creator of Secret Soldier, Safe Keeping & Flick Drift presents: TAB Test - a mind reading effect that will take up no extra pocket...

Deranged DVD
DVD by Jay Sankey - $29.95

Eight pieces of a cut postcard (featuring Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa') are handed out to be closely examined. A spectator selects...

Access DVD
DVD by Rizki - $24.95

What if you could gain access to someone's head and being able to reveal their thoughts in seconds? Have the spectator think of a...

Leading Thoughts DVD or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Leading Thoughts
DVD or download by Christopher Rawlins - DVD $35.00 or download for $35.00

"Chris is the real deal. Original presentations that will grab your audiences and not let go. Highly recommended." Bob Cassidy Chris Rawlins is an...

Power Pull Trick
Power Pull
Trick by Uday - $19.95

A new effect based on a new principle.  Power-pull is 100% powerful! It increases your personal magnetism, by slowly decreasing and...

Alchemist: Screw Driver DVD
Alchemist: Screw Driver
DVD by Will Tsai - $129.95

Imagine trying to bend a screwdriver with your hands. It would be near impossible. Even with a hammer and vice it would be incredibly difficult. Now...

Babel Book Test 2.0 Trick
Babel Book Test 2.0
Trick by Vincent Hedan - $115.00

Upon its release, Babel contained 3 special books. However, some people wanted the option of buying only one book. It is now possible. You...

Looking Glass 2.0 DVD
Looking Glass 2.0
DVD by Romanos - $29.95

Looking Glass 2.0 is a utility device used to acquire secret information, discreetly, in front of spectators. In our opinion, the strength...

Quadrare Caan Opus Trick
Quadrare Caan Opus
Trick by Jim Tyler - $9.95

Diamond Jim Tyler has married two amazing effects into one stellar stand-up showpiece. While the title may seem like a Latin magic incantation,...

Alchemist: Blossom DVD
Alchemist: Blossom
DVD by Will Tsai - $189.95

This is one of the best self-bending metal effects we have ever seen. Will Tsai's effects always seem to ask the question, 'what would it look like...

Limitless  DVD
DVD by Peter Nardi - $40.25

Limitless allows you to do just that, and the best bit? Your spectator will believe they had a totally free choice. Limitless gives you...

Chris Philpott's Babel Trick
Chris Philpott's Babel
Trick by Chris Philpott - $80.00

Three brand new effects using the 100th Monkey principle! Babel: you give a spectator the ability to read a foreign language! One...

Annemann's Practical Mental Effects DVD
Annemann's Practical Mental Effects
DVD by Richard Osterlind - $30.00 each

A classic of mentalism comes to life! Annemann's Practical Mental Effects has been a landmark book for magicians and mentalists since its...

Clear Clip Board Trick
Clear Clip Board
Trick by Guy Bavli - $39.50

The Clip Board is the most common and useful prop for the working mentalist.  With this item you can perform mind reading effects that will...

Monster Pad Trick
Monster Pad
Trick by Himitsu Magic - $120.00

A spectator shuffles the deck then freely chooses a card yet you are seemingly able to prove that you knew how they would choose in advance. This...

Master Color Prediction Trick
Master Color Prediction
Trick by Max Vellucci - $35.00

Five spectators are asked come up on stage and each of them takes an envelope at random. After a introduction about the possibility of...

Luke Jermay LIVE! DVD
Luke Jermay LIVE!
DVD by Luke Jermay - $39.95

For several years Luke Jermay has been very influential in the world of modern magic and mentalism. His books have been applauded by critics and the...

The Swami Gimmick Book
The Swami Gimmick
Book by Unknown - $25.00

A manuscript on the use of, and ideas with swami gimmick. Table of Contents Introduction The Swami Gimmick Fixing...

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