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The Business of Street Magic 2 Magic download (video)
The Business of Street Magic 2
Magic download (video) by Will Stelfox - $25.00

The Business of Street Magic 2 begins by improving on the original 5 phases previously outlined in the original "The Business of Street Magic." From getting the attention of passersby, to getting paid by them in 5 minutes or less, Will Stelfox goes into detail on how to be the most effective...

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Mesmerize Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Stefan Olschewski - $9.95

At Vanishing Inc we pride ourselves on bringing you real-world effects, and Mesmerize from Stephan Olschewski is a great example of a workable, solid mentalism routine. Ideally suited to audiences of at least 15, you get all of your audience members to think of ANY thought - no restriction....

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Magic Shows Book
Magic Shows
Book by Ian Keable - $40.00

Ian Keable has spent the past thirty years watching a wide variety of magicians performing in the UK, ranging from the superstars of magic through to many lesser known names. From his notes—and going back to many of the magicians themselves—he has produced a comprehensive listing of...

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