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Blindfold Trick
Trick by Dave Powell - $24.00

EffectThe Deluxe Metal Blindfold is the perfect addition to any magic or mental act. The blindfold appears to be perfectly normal when closely examined, however, when worn correctly, you can still see out of it! This makes it possible to accomplish some unbelievable mind-reading effects! The...

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Comedy Paper Bag Blindfold Routine Magic download (video)
Comedy Paper Bag Blindfold Routine
Magic download (video) by Wolfgang Riebe - $50.00

Who doesn't want to see two blindfolded people onstage when one of them has a knife? That's just part of the comedy in Wolfgang Riebe's Comedy Paper Bag Blindfold Routine. Wolfgang has spent 30 years refining what he calls "possibly the world's funniest card trick," and now you can take...

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Blindfold Tips DVD
Blindfold Tips
DVD by John Archer - $39.00

What can I say about John that you don't already know? John is one of the funniest entertainers I have ever seen! His comedy is funny and his magic is strong. What more could you possibly want from a performer?The ultimate, most comprehensive guide to one of mentalism's most versatile routines....

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