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Missing Dollar Magic download (video)
Missing Dollar
Magic download (video) by Nicholas Einhorn - $5.00

Three guys go out for lunch, they pay, yet each time they count their change, there is a missing dollar bill. So, they try it again. Another dollar is found missing. Each time they count the total dollars one always goes missing. Nick Einhorn (Winner of Penn & Teller's: Fool Us)...

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The Mysterious Puzzle of The Missing Dollar Bill Book
The Mysterious Puzzle of The Missing Dollar Bill
Book by Nicholas Einhorn - $20.00

A famous puzzle is brought to life with this simple-to-do and highly entertaining routine which seems to defy logic! THE FAMOUS PUZZLE..."Three diners finish their meal. The waiter says the check is $30, so each guest pays $10. Later the waiter realizes the check should only be $25...

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Thoughtless DVD
DVD by Peter Nardi - $40.00

Thoughtlessby Peter NardiFrom the mind of Peter Nardi comes Thoughtless a mind-boggling, two deck triple whammy! The spectator names a card from a red deck. This is removed and placed aside. He takes out a blue deck that has been in his pocket all along and counts through the cards face up - sure...

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