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SANDA Panda Mystery Box Trick
SANDA Panda Mystery Box
Trick by Devin Knight - $30.00

The SANDA Panda Mystery Box is an ungimmicked 6"x 4" cardboard box. It is always in full view and gives you the ability to make nearly-impossible predictions. No pre-show work, and all are ONE-MAN effects. No secret assistants or stooges are used in any of the effects. NO FORCES of any kind are...

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Illusion Money Box Trick
Illusion Money Box
Trick by Shenzhen Jieli - $160.00

The magician show a empty box, with a magic shake, the box is filled with money or flower.The Illusion Money Box is a new product made by Jieli World Magic Limited.It can be transported in a small box, and it is made of wood so it is easy to assemble.Included:Illusion money box, instruction, and...

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Money Miracles - Volume 3 DVD
Money Miracles - Volume 3
DVD by Michael Ammar - $34.95

The best, most memorable, and most influential coin and currency mysteries of the past fifty years!" -Jon RacherbaumerA rich collection of powerful money magic - both new and classic. World Champion magician Michael Ammar has assembled the very best of the practical yet astonishing routines using...

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