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Scare Coin Magic download (video)
Scare Coin
Magic download (video) by Arnel Renegado - $9.95

'Scare Coin' is a versatile effect that can be used to demonstrate skills of supposed psychokinesis, supernatural forces or even Jedi powers!...

Let's Get Flurious Magic download (video)
Let's Get Flurious
Magic download (video) by Gary Kurtz - $14.95

Flurious is an intensive new instructional download from Gary Kurtz. The magic is original and of the highest quality in every respect. Gary is a...

Solari's Miser Miracle Trick
Solari's Miser Miracle
Trick by Bob Solari - $29.95

Supplied with a stainless steel mini coin pail, a giant size half dollar coin 3" in diameter and a normal half dollar incorporated into a special...

Piperactive - Volumes 1 & 2 DVD
Piperactive - Volumes 1 & 2
DVD by James Piper - $29.99 each

'Piperactive' is the brand new DVD from rsvpmagic, starring the superb James Piper. This DVD feature some incredibly strong...

It's Impossible Magic download (video)
It's Impossible
Magic download (video) by Miguel Gea - $5.00

The maestro of coin magic, the innovator of Spanish prestidigitation and 1/3 of The Fat Brothers, offers an incredible coin routine using an...

Cointum Tunneling Trick
Cointum Tunneling
Trick by Kreis - $28.50 $21.66 (SAVE $6.84)

The magician shows a clear small container and a coin. The lid is screwed onto the box but then makes the coin penetrate through the sealed...

At The Table - August 2014 Live lecture
At The Table - August 2014
Live lecture by Gregory Wilson, Kostya Kimlat, Shin Lim, Karl Hein and At the Table - $49.95

4 lectures for the price of 2! For just $49.95, you will be able to watch LIVE or download later. In August, you will see: ...

The Perfect Vanish Magic download (video)
The Perfect Vanish
Magic download (video) by Tony Polli - $4.95

Magicians have been searching for the perfect retention of vision vanish for well over 100 years. A vanish that is practical, has ease of...

Lucky Stop Trick
Lucky Stop
Trick by G Sparks - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

"An Automatic Coin Production." 3 Bar Coasters, a Real Game Die and a Shot Glass NOTE: Use your own coin.

Coin Vanishing Handkerchief Accessory
Coin Vanishing Handkerchief
Accessory by Mikame - $31.20 $23.71 (SAVE $7.49)

Mikame's Coin Hank isn't just for coin magic!  Use it for beautiful sleight of hand. Vanish, Produce or Transpose: Balls ...

N2 Coin Set - Half Dollar Gimmicked coin
N2 Coin Set - Half Dollar
Gimmicked coin by N2G - $55.00

N2 COIN SET is designed by N2G and it has an extraordinary effect in Coin through glass table. N2 can gp through a 1.5cm thick glass (or a deck of...

Revolutionary Coin Technique DVD
Revolutionary Coin Technique
DVD by Giacomo Bertini - $34.95 $26.56 (SAVE $8.39)

This DVD reveals a revolutionary and superior system of coin manipulation which has been applied to five classic routines. In addition you will...

American Quarters (Roll of 40 Coins) Accessory
American Quarters (Roll of 40 Coins)
Accessory by Unknown - $21.60 $16.42 (SAVE $5.18)

Quarter Dollar Coin Normal (one roll of 40 coins) Ungimmicked Coins.

Very Best of Modern Coin Magic DVD
Very Best of Modern Coin Magic
DVD by Bobo - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

The best of modern coin magic is a collection of sleights and routines from the classic book of coin magic by J.B. Bobo. On this DVD you find all...

Metal Eclipse DVD
Metal Eclipse
DVD by Tristan Mory - $40.00

In this DVD, Tristan MORY is proposing unique coin magic tricks and for that he had created new techniques, which will be explained in full...

Slot Okito Coin Box (Brass) - Half Dollar Trick
Slot Okito Coin Box (Brass) - Half Dollar
Trick by Tango Magic - $22.00

Show 4 coins in your hand; give the coins to be checked. Put the coins inside the box, take the box and let fall the coins in your left hand, close...

Silver Extraction Trick
Silver Extraction
Trick by Vernet Magic - $8.00 $6.08 (SAVE $1.92)

The magician shows a half dollar to the audience and asks a spectator to hold it in her hand. He takes a lighter and moves the flame around her hand...

The Mark Trick
The Mark
Trick by John Murray - $50.00

One of the most amazing "coin to impossible location" routines you will EVER see! Paul Richards and Elmwood Magic are proud to bring you John...

Okito Coin Box (Brass) - Half Dollar Trick
Okito Coin Box (Brass) - Half Dollar
Trick by Tango Magic - $22.00

The magician shows a coin and a box Okito. Put And the coin inside the box and the lid. He waves the box to try that the coin is there, he places on...

World's Greatest Magic - Money Magic DVD
World's Greatest Magic - Money Magic
DVD by Various Artists - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

Imagine the best magic, the best magicians, and the best producers all in one place. Imagine no more... If you could have one...

Shellraiser DVD
DVD by Troy Hooser - $27.00 $20.52 (SAVE $6.48)

Magic with an Expanded Shell The Expanded Shell is the most invaluable coin gaff there is. Troy Hooser Learn the basic...

Sleight Of Hand With Coins DVD
Sleight Of Hand With Coins
DVD by Jay Sankey - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

Learn the sleight-of-hand secrets of professional magicians! Featuring 17 incredible effects and 24 killer sleights, this is the ultimate...

Coin Balloonacy DVD
Coin Balloonacy
DVD by Ian Garrison - $20.00

This classic effect is a hybrid of two classic tricks combined with some extremely clever misdirection. A marked borrowed coin is placed on the...

Coincidence (U.S. Coin) Trick
Coincidence (U.S. Coin)
Trick by Kreis - $39.95

There are four different coins (borrowed) placed on top of a small box. Also the box lid has four different numbers (1, 2, 3, and 4) printed on...

Original Dream Fly DVD
Original Dream Fly
DVD by Michael Afshin - $12.35 $9.39 (SAVE $2.96)

Original Dream Fly - If a magician walked up to you and made three coins appear at his fingertips. What would it look like? It would...

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"No Sense" is a coin effect of the finest caliber. Not only is the magic...
Triad Coins
Imagine what it would look like if you could REALLY vanish coins into thin air. Then...
Exact Change
Just like the best tricks in magic, the effect is a simple one: a soon-to-be-stunned...
Candy Cash
This insanely visual trick was one of the most talked about effects at the 2020 Blackpool...
400 Lux (Download)
Causing your money to multiply is, perhaps, the most iconic...
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