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French Connexion DVD
French Connexion
DVD by James Chadier - $35.00 $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

I usually never buy items I've never heard of before, but this was an exception. I saw a trailer for this DVD at a convention, and I was really amazed by the production and not to mention the magic!James Chadier is a friend of French genius Mathieu Bich, and this DVD is jam-packed with...

Spectators Don't Exist DVD or download
Spectators Don't Exist
DVD or download by Jon Allen - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

Good performers avoid "me-versus-them" situations by breaking down the wall between themselves and an audience. In Spectators Don't Exist, professional magician Jon Allen explains how to even the most passive of "spectators" into enthusiastic "participants." On this DVD, you get to...

Braided Bill Book & CD
Braided Bill
Book & CD by Bob Neale - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

This isn't a magic trick: it's a toplogical trick. That means that it's certainly not suitable for all magicians, but would certainly be the talk of an impromptu show for the right performer.The trick is that you braid a dollar bill. Close examination reveals that it has two lengthwise slits...

Clink DVD & props
DVD & props by David Regal - $39.95

Sometimes we let a video speak for itself. This is one of those times. Vanishing Inc. favorite, David Regal, has created a way of producing a coin that visibly falls into a clear glass. Any glass and anywhere. Just watch the video to see how true this statement is. ...

Misled Trick
Trick by Timothy Wenk - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

David Copperfield did this on television when we were kids. I still remember it vividly, like it was yesterday. He took a bill (which can be borrowed) and a normal pencil and penetrated the bill repeatedly. At the end, the length of the pencil MELTED THROUGH the bill like butter. This thing...

Blindspot Trick
Trick by Bob Swadling - $40.00 $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

Blindspot tackles a problem that several people have tried to solve over the years; coin in bottle with a sealed bottle. Amongst others, Nicholas Einhorn manufactured a good solution that involved a specially prepared cork that cleverly concealed the coin in bottle gimmick. In Blindspot, Bob...

Expert Coin Magic Made Easy Box Set DVD or download
Expert Coin Magic Made Easy Box Set
DVD or download by David Roth - $50.00

David Roth is known throughout the world as the one of the greatest proponents of coin magic. He is an excellent coin magic technician and a good teacher, making this a must-own DVD set for anyone wanting to learn coin magic. Taking a similar format to the Royal Road to Card Magic, in each...

Cultural Exchange #1 DVD
Cultural Exchange #1
DVD by Apollo Robbins - $39.95

Apollo Robbins and Shoot Ogawa's magic is different from most other close-up magic. The pair don't accept any boundaries of difficulty; they simply look for the strongest, most visual way to perform an effect. That tends to mean that their magic requires considerable practice, but the pay-off is...

DVD by Daniel Garcia - $19.95 $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

Daniel Garcia is one of those magicians that can entertain you for hours, without ever resorting to pulling out a deck of cards or any other kind of props. He's always ready to go using whatever he has on his person.SH4DE is an example of that. This is Daniel's handling of the famous Matrix...

Greed DVD
DVD by Daniel Garcia - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

Greed is classic Daniel Garcia and we think is one of his strongest tricks. He borrows a one dollar bill and magically turns it into a five dollar bill. He then continues sequentially, changing the bill into every bill up to a twenty dollar bill."Want me to turn it into a fifty?" He asks the owner...

Attack of the Bag DVD & props
Attack of the Bag
DVD & props by Craig Petty - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

The coin bag is a little-known prop that allows you to perform some great coin magic. Think of it as an egg bag, or change bag but specifically for coins! It's a little bag with a mesh front that allows you to vanish, produce, change and otherwise manipulate coins in some pretty impressive ways....

David Stone Live at FFFF DVD
David Stone Live at FFFF
DVD by David Stone - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

David Stone is a Frenchman. But, don't let that hold you back - he has some really amazing magic that we think you'd like to see.This is a live lecture DVD, filmed at the FFFF convention (that's a convention for people with a stutter). There's no fancy editing, or anything like that, you just get...

Ross Bertram's Legendary Magic #1 DVD or download
Ross Bertram's Legendary Magic #1
DVD or download by Ross Bertram - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

Ross Bertram is a name that doesn't get the attention that it deserves. Bertram was a sleight of hand magician of the highest order. He was featured in the Stars of Magic series and held his own with magic's elite in the prime era of magic. These DVDs are remastered versions of some old video...

Money Morph DVD
Money Morph
DVD by Kevin King - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

The hundred-dollar bill switch is one of the greatest close-up effects of all time. You turn a dollar bill into a hundred-dollar bill. But which version do you use? John Lovick wrote a book of more than a hundred versions a couple years ago. But you only need one. And if you only learn one,...

The Art of Astonishment Book
The Art of Astonishment
Book by Paul Harris - $135.00 $102.60 (SAVE $32.40)

That Paul Harris has changed the face of close-up magic is undisputed. That Paul Harris continues to be relevant in 2009 is also undisputed. But there’s a lot going on here, so let’s be candid.  Paul Harris burst onto the scene in the mid 70s with a totally new brand of close-up magic. Unlike...

Smoke and Mirrors Book
Smoke and Mirrors
Book by John Bannon - $45.00 $34.20 (SAVE $10.80)

John Bannon is one of Vanishing Inc's favorite creators. His playful artistry with a deck of cards has a youthful energy about it that makes his creations fun to perform. In Smoke and Mirrors, Bannon teaches 31 tricks; most of which are card tricks, but with a couple of coin tricks...

Jumbo British Two Pound Coin Gimmicked coin
Jumbo British Two Pound Coin
Gimmicked coin by Alakazam Magic - $40.00 $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

Everyone needs a big coin. Actually ... they don't, but we've managed to acquire some anyway. This jumbo two pound coin sizes in at 2.75 inches in diameter. It looks great and is perfect for Gary Kurtz's wonderful "Flourious" routine.And despite rumors that have spread around magic forums; we're...

Puncture - US quarter Trick
Puncture - US quarter
Trick by Alex Linian - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

This is EXACTLY what it would look like if you could puncture a pen with a coin. Be warned…the effect is only about two seconds long, but it is so visually arresting that you’ll want to do it on everyone you see. David Blaine did it on a special a few years ago, and we can see why.Unlike other pen...