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Close-up And Personal Book
Close-up And Personal
Book by David Regal - $55.00

"This stuff's so clever it's criminal!" These words were uttered by Max Maven shortly after reading David Regal's Close-Up & Personal. Fortunately, Regal has managed to escape prosecution, due not only to his inventiveness, wit and originality in magic, but also to his success as a comedy...

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Float FX Trick
Float FX
Trick by Trickmaster - $29.99

Float FX The Ultimate Levitation SystemWelcome to FLOATFX, The Ultimate Levitation System. This is more than a magic trick; this is a complete levitation kit. Using the secret apparatus enclosed, you will soon be able to perform some of the greatest close-up levitations in the world. Imagine being...

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Premise Power & Participation - Volumes 1 - 4 DVD or download
Premise Power & Participation - Volumes 1 - 4
DVD or download by David Regal - Various prices

At Vanishing Inc. Magic, we are big David Regal fans. His books Constant Fooling, Absolute Magic and Close-Up & Personal are amongst our favourite to be released in the past few decades. These DVDs show David Regal performing some of the effects from those books for a live audience....

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